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Who are we ?

We are jewish religious Students in Cluj Medical Universities ( Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinary ) from Europe. We are handling the Jewish life of Cluj during the School year. We are like a Beth Habad in  the center of Cluj-Napoca !  

Pray with Us

Come and pray with us in our beloved little synagogue that is still active and craving for Minian! You can join us every Shabbat at the synagogue :

Friday night at 19:30 pm and Saturday morning from 9:00 am

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Shabbat and Jewish Holidays

Like Habad House; we organize Shabbat meals Friday night and Saturday morning every week. We also organize Jewish holidays (Hagim) during the school year. If you are in town for Shabbat or Holidays join us ! All the meals are Kosher Lamehadrin; under the supervison of Rav Zarbiv (Jerusalem).

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Kosher Restaurant in Cluj

In Cluj you can find HollyFood, a Kosher mediteranean restaurant. You can eat middle eastern real kitchen; like Hummus, Falafel, Shakshuka...and more ! The restaurant is Kosher under the supervision of Rav Zarbiv.

HollyFood Calea Motilor 107 400370 Cluj-Napoca Phone: +40 741 459 028 Join HollyFood on Facebook



We organized all kind of activities for the Jewish Students in Cluj, discover some pictures !

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What to see in Cluj ?

Jews from Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg-Kolosvar) have a huge History past; discover it !

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